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We will convert from a disposal to a repair society.

Or perish.

Replacing trolley
wheels pays !

If your suitcase is allright otherwise, a replacemet is worth it. Check prices !

Get better wheels
than OEM ones !

We'll replace standard trolley wheels with ball bearing type for noise reduction and easy handling.

waste !

A suitcase discarded unnecessarily causes ~3-6 kilos of plastic waste. With a economically sensible repair, we provide a small contribution against the disposable madness of our society.

What we can do.

In most cases, we can help. Normally, we remove wheels from wheel gears and install new ball bearing wheels with bolted axles. Even in special cases, we often can offer a solution. For example, we can insert metal washers for reinforcement, strengthen damaged wheel housings with steel plate and replace the destroyed wheel gears with castors made of steel.

Where we are out of the game.

Unfortunately not, we can help, if

  • the wheel gear as well as the moulded part attached to the suitcase have disappeared,
  • the moulded part for the wheel holder is broken or seriously damaged, or
  • a case corner is completely destroyed.

There are so many different types of wheel gears that we cannot procure the variety of spare parts. In case of a missing wheel gear, you can try to find spare parts at one of the well-known internet retailers. The chances of finding the appropriate part, however, are very small. Here we regret having to surrender.

Koffer Rolle neu silbergrau

If you want to be on the safe side...

If you want to be on the safe side, please send us images of your suitcase (wheels, wheel gear). Thus we can check if our stock holds proper spare wheels. Please also provide a phone number, occasionally consultation is necessary.

Manufacturer and type designation or the dimensions of the suitcase - please don't tell us - they are not of any use for us.

Points of Acceptance

At present, you can deliver your suitcase in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hannover at 11 points of acceptance. All details can be found here.

The processing time is usually 1-2 weeks - in case of special urgency we can often be quicker. Further collection points (currently in Nürnberg, München, Zürich and Köln) are in preparation, others are under discussion.

Dispatch Repair Service

Our dispatch repair service is available here:

There, you will find all information required.

Instructions for Dispatch repair service:

  • In the case of 4-wheeled suitcases, we always replace at minimum two wheels at the side of the handle. Even if only one wheel looks damaged, in fact almost always both wheels are worn out similarily. Within a period of weeks or months, the second wheel of the handle side would - with high probability - be damaged as well.
  • Please do not send any loose parts, fittings, bolts, etc. – these can be lost in the daily routine.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time; urgency please note the OUTSIDE of the package, we will then take special effort.


All prices are EUR, including VAT.
On our services, we provide a 2 years warranty.

two-wheeled suitcase
(in €)
(in CHF)
Replacement of two wheels in 2-wheel suitcase, wheel housings removed from the suitcase by customer26,0031,00
Replacement of two wheels, submission of a complete suitcase, wheel housings riveted (fully or partially)39,0047,00
Replacement of two wheels, submission of a complete suitcase, wheel housings bolted33,0040,00
four-wheeled suitcase
Replacement of 2 wheels at the 4-wheeled suitcase20,0024,00
Replacement of 4 wheels at a 4-wheel suitcase32,0038,00
eight-wheeled suitcase
Replacement of 4 wheels on a 8-wheeled suitcase, wheels diameter 50mm24,0029,00
Replacement of 4 wheels on a 8-wheeled suitcase, wheels diameter 60mm26,0031,00
Replacement of 8 wheels on a 8-wheeled suitcase, wheels diameter 50mm38,0046,00
Replacement of 8 wheels on a 8-wheeled suitcase, wheels diameter 60mm42,0050,00
installation of steel casters
Installation of two castors, wheel gears dismantled by the customer24,0029,00
Installation of four castors, wheel gears dismantled by the customer30,0036,00
Installation of two castors, complete suitcase32,0038,00
Installation of four castors, complete suitcase48,0058,00
immediate repair (per case)10,0012,00
special sizes: Wheel width under 24mm or wheel diameter above 84mm (per pair)5,006,00