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OEM parts

Trolley wheels are wear parts, at some point of time they reached their end of life.

Therefore, it is negligence that hardly any manufacturer provides a simple and inexpensive may to replace worn-out wheels. In most cases, OEM replacement wheels are not available. Even in case, price-to-performance ratio often is unsatisfactory. Check our prices. to compare. This applies as well to well-known brand manufacturers such as Stratic, Travelite, titanium, Samsonite, Premium Luggage, Check-in, Fabrizio, Ellehammer, Saxoline, National Geographic and others.

Where Original replacement parts are available, quality is poor. Inferior bearings and wheels with thin surfaces are not a good solution. In general, we can achieve a significant improvement in quality.

Quite often, customers with replacement wheel gears from online retailers come to us, because they do not fit the suitcase. THE CHANCE TO FIND THE RIGHT WHEEL GEAR IS VERY SMALL. We can't recommend to make this attempt.

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