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special solutions

castors made of steel

In case of completely destroyed wheels gears of 4-wheeled suitcase, usually the replacement by steel casters from mechanical engineering are working well:

  • Durability: indestructible (except with a steam roller)
  • Steering characteristics: excellent
  • Running features: very good
  • Weight: slightly increased
  • Noise level: is increased considerably
  • Appearance: well - check by yourself

We strongly recommend the replacement of the two wheel holder on the handle side of the case. But we also did "low-cost"solutions, where only one wheel gear, and the wheels only at three other suitcase corners were replaced.

Koffer Rollen Reparatur bei Totalschaden
Koffer Rollen Reparatur, Doppelräder, 8-rädrig

eight-wheel suitcase

Eight-wheel suitcase we can save as well. Depending on the size we use ball bearing wheels with 40, 50, 60, or 64mm in diameter.
Our replacement wheels are usually a bit stronger than the usually very frail originals. They may look a bit bulky, but compensate with much better durability and running characteristics.
With some eight-wheelers, axles are fixed in the wheel gear and can only be removed with great effort and risk of destruction. In this case, we recommend replacement by castors.

Suitcase feet

Lost or broken, we mostly can re-manufacture them in 3D-printing. Please contact us.

music instrument cases

Auch große Instrumentenkoffer haben Räder, die kaputt gehen können. In unserer Werkstatt hatten wir schon Räder für Kontrabaß und Keyboard, Harfe, Violoncello und was da sonst noch alles tönt. 

Mit unserem großen Lagerbestand an verschiedenen Radgrößen können wir oft helfen, bitte fragen Sie uns !

special suitcases

Pilotenkoffer, Werkzeugkoffer, Einkaufstrolley, Kinderwagen etc….? – Bitte fragen Sie uns, meistens finden wir eine Lösung.